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Looking to innovate your taxi business? This guide will help you learn more about Taxi Butler and its features.

What is Taxi Butler and how does it work?

Taxi Butler is a one click taxi booking device built for taxi companies and designed with venues in mind.

Taxi Butler partners up with taxi companies like you to make the device available to venues. Once you receive the devices, you go out and place them in hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Venue staff, like concierges or receptionists, press the button once to order a taxi directly with your taxi fleet.

What do I need as a taxi company to use Taxi Butler?

To start getting venues to book directly with your taxi company via Taxi Butler devices, you'll need:

  • a dispatch system
  • a minimum fleet size

Get started right away by requesting a demo.

How much does Taxi Butler cost?

Try Taxi Butler free for 30 days before starting a monthly or a two-year agreement. Prices start from €12 per device, per month.

An additional one-time hardware fee will be charged at the end of the free trial.

What happens if I stop using Taxi Butler after the trial?

If you decide to stop using Taxi Butler at the end of the free trial, simply return the devices.

Who are Taxi Butler's customers?

Our taxi booking devices are sold directly to taxi companies, fleets and apps.

In what venues can I use Taxi Butler's taxi booking devices?

Our devices work in all types of venues. From hotels, bars and restaurants, to hospitals and casinos.

Taxi Butler is designed for simplicity and works in any public place where taxis may be booked.

How do you suggest rolling out the devices in local venues?

Choose the right venues with plenty of footfall.

Use our marketing materials to approach venues and explain how the devices work.

Visit the venues with the device to show them the pure simplicity of the device.

How do venues book taxis on Taxi Butler devices?

Once you, the taxi company, has setup and placed a device in a venue, venue staff simply press on the button once to book a taxi.

They will receive ETAs and live updates like driver details and registration plate number (this depends on our integration with your dispatch system).

Once the taxi has arrived outside the venue, the device screen displays that the taxis has arrived.

What other features are there?

As well as booking taxis in one click, venue staff can cancel taxis, book multiple taxis simultaneously, and book multiple types of vehicles like VIP cars and minibuses, depending on the vehicle types in your fleet.

How does the device technology work?

Taxi Butler devices are connected to your fleet via your dispatch software. We work closely with our technology partners to keep the integrations compatible, secure and fast.

When a concierge presses the button to book a taxi, a booking is created in your dispatch system (like any other method of booking). The data about ETAs and driver details are provided directly from your dispatch system.

Who are your technology partners?

Our technology partners are your dispatch system providers like iCabbi, Autocab, MTI Dispatch, Kaptyn, etc.

What's the Management Portal and how do I use it?

The Management Portal is our unique, bespoke online interface:

  • add, edit and link venues
  • configure device features
  • track and manage performance

You can request access for multiple members of your team to efficiently manage the devices.

Do Taxi Butlers work in every country?

Taxi Butler works in nearly every country in the world. Currently, we have devices in over 40.

Where are your teams based?

Our head office is based in Amsterdam with team members working remotely across the globe in countries like the UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, the United States, and Dubai.

Our main customer support and technology hubs are in the US, UK, and Netherlands.

When can I contact your technical support team?

You can contact our technical support team anytime using the details below:


Is technical support included in the pricing?

Technical support is included free with all our products and during the free trial.

See information on the left for contact details.

Is marketing support included in the pricing?

Our marketing team provides access to ready-made materials and resources to support your success with Taxi Butler.

Bespoke marketing support can also be provided on request and is managed on a case-by-case basis.