This update brings some big changes and features to the Taxi Butler PRO 3.0 on iCabbi.


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Smart destination suggestions

Venues and customers get clear and transparent price estimations with the built-in price estimator.

Instant price estimations

Enter destinations in an instant or choose from recent and popular ones.

Custom user interface branding

Match the UI (user interface) colours on the PRO 3.0 with your brand colours to increase your brand visibility and strength.

Click on a colour on the left to see how it will look like on your device. When activating this feature, you can choose from any colour you like. Depending on the colour chosen, the UI will use a light or dark mode for increased contrast.

Full release notes

General improvements
  • Increased modem speed by 800%
  • A more modern and intuitive interface
  • Language selector built-in to the device
  • Protect the settings menu with a password
  • First-time installation wizard helps you to quickly set up the PRO
  • Your venues can now find any destination in the world using our search engine powered by Google
  • Your venues can search by street, company name, point of interest, postcode and city
  • The device will start offering auto-complete full address after entering 3 characters
  • See distance to the destination in kilometres or miles depending on your location
  • Driver receives the destination coordinates on their navigation
  • The device remembers the most frequently used destinations and list them for easy input
  • The device remembers the destination for last used trip for easy repeat bookings
Trip price estimation
  • Show a price estimate on-screen prior to placing the booking
  • The booking price estimation is calculated using your iCabbi system 
Taxi type
  • Your venues can now see a description of the vehicle type they are booking
Passenger info
  • All passenger information is collected on a single page
  • Enter a passenger name for the booking
  • Enter a passenger phone number for the booking
Device theming
  • Change PRO 3.0 interface colours to match your branding
Company settings page
  • Manage company settings on the “company settings page”
  • Create default venue settings and default PRO 3.0 settings.
  • New venues automatically inherit default settings
  • Added possibility of choosing the PRO with only Wi-Fi to reduce costs
  • Passengers scan a QR code on the PRO or receive an SMS which takes them their booking status page. The page is updated automatically with live status updates. 

Hey, I’m Indra, Product Manager at Taxi Butler.

If you have any questions about the 3.0 update, feel free to drop me an email.