Q&A: Listening to life at Taxi Butler from our Megan Whelan

We strive to have a positive impact on everyone, both internally and externally. We lead the way that we would want to be led. Our team philosophy and ethos means that we are flexible, adaptable, and diverse.

Take a look at our team and learn more about them and why they love to work with Taxi Butler.

40 team members
19 different locations
16 diverse nationalities

What do you do?
Sales Representative Australia & New Zealand.

Who do you do it for?
I do it for myself. I have always been pretty independent, having moved to Australia from South Africa alone when I was 20 – I had to learn how to be independent early on. Ever since having joined Taxi Butler, I have learned so much about myself and grown as a woman, the strength and confidence that I lacked is coming through more and more. And I thank Taxi Butler for having taught me how to see myself and my surroundings differently.

Why do you do it?
Because I love it. The culture at Taxi Butler, the people at Taxi Butler, and the customers are all reasons why I do it. Working remotely, alone in Australia, can become isolating, however, I have never felt this way. I have days filled with speaking to great customers and building our relationships and I have days where I spend my day speaking to my colleagues though I am thousands of miles from HQ, I have never felt the distance and feel as though I am part of a great team.

How do you do it?
I tackle each day as it comes. My days are never the same, which makes it interesting. Being part of a company that has multiple products on offer, no one day is the same. It always fascinates me when I reflect back on my week and realize that the week is not at all how I had anticipated it to go on a Monday. I also approach the week very open and positively and I look forward to the challenges and learning curves I encounter each week.

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