Release notes


Inspired by the latest technology, our product team went back to the drawing board to come up with a new Taxi Butler PRO booking experience that makes booking a taxi easier, more intuitive and more beautiful. The result? The Taxi Butler PRO 3 – our biggest and most innovative update yet.

Device updates

General improvements

  • Increased modem speed by 800%
  • A more modern and intuitive interface
  • Language selector built-in to the device
  • Protect the settings menu with a password
  • First-time installation wizard helps you to quickly set up the PRO


  • Your venues can now find any destination in the world using our search engine powered by Google
  • Your venues can search by street, company name, point of interest, postcode and city
  • The device will start offering auto-complete full address after entering 3 characters
  • See distance to the destination in kilometres or miles depending on your location
  • Driver receives the destination coordinates on their navigation
  • The device remembers the most frequently used destinations and list them for easy input
  • The device remembers the destination for last used trip for easy repeat bookings

Trip price estimation

  • Show a price estimate on-screen prior to placing the booking
  • The booking price estimation is calculated using your iCabbi system¬†

Taxi type

  • Your venues can now see a description of the vehicle type they are booking

Passenger info

  • All passenger information is collected on a single page
  • Enter a passenger name for the booking
  • Enter a passenger phone number for the booking

Device theming

  • Change PRO 3 interface colours to match your branding

Management Portal Updates

Company settings page

  • Manage company settings on the “company settings page”
  • Create default venue settings and default PRO 3.0 settings.
  • New venues automatically inherit default settings

Upcoming features and updates


  • Added possibility of choosing the PRO with only Wi-Fi to reduce costs
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