Meet the team that drives Taxi Butler

We strive to have a positive impact on everyone, both internally and externally. We lead the way that we would want to be led. Our team philosophy and ethos means that we are flexible, adaptable, and diverse.

Take a look at our team and learn more about them and why they love to work with Taxi Butler.

40 team members
19 different locations
16 diverse nationalities

Meet Arnout Schothorst

“Hi, I’m Arnout, I am Dutch and I work from the head office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

With Taxi Butler you work on shared goals as well as personal goals. Therefore the things you do and achieve will benefit both the company, its staff and yourself.

I have a great corporate career. I never would have dreamed I would have so much impact in a company.

At Taxi Butler I have chosen the systems we work with and the financial processes we apply. Where we see improvements we just do it. Who would have thought.

I cycle to work over the Amsterdam canals, enjoying every moment. And I get home, in time to have diner with my family. Feeling blessed every day I read a story and put my two kids to bed.”

Read about more of our team members
Read about more of our team members